The main aim of the Art in Action Mural Art project for the Parow Station Road Arcade is upliftment of the community. Having worked closely with street artists, we learned that some of the largest obstacles for artists is the availability of walls and materials to practise their talents. Art in Action support artists by giving them the unique opportunity to paint a mural with legal permission, providing quality materials preferred by muralist worldwide and the appropriate infrastructure to create their masterpieces.

We have assembled our team:




See-Saw-Do is a social enterprise founded on the transformative power of creativity and love. See-Saw-Do focuses on the physical transformation of the spaces in which children develop, as well as on the production and distribution of mother-tongue reading material to these facilities.

See-Saw Do believe in the formative power of images and the claim of a community to negotiate its own visual environment. It is from this perspective that See-Saw-Do draws beneficiaries into the conceptualising and designing process, not merely as recipients but as close partners.

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Chris Auret


Chris Auret

Chris Auret is a South African artist born in Springs, lived in George and finally settled in Cape Town. He studied Visual Communications at Vega Brand School, Cape Town, where he completed a BA in Creative Brand Communications.

At the end of 2011, just as he had officially moved into a friend-run studio called Everybody Love Everybody, he underwent an emergency stomach operation. It was during his time in hospital that he decided to leave his “real” job and “risk” pouring his creative energy into his own projects, thus starting a career as an artist.

Amongst other things, his art aims to portray the playful environment of paint in which he lives and explores. He wants to engage the viewer’s imagination through brushwork, colour, form and content. More recently, he has begun to tell more conceptual stories in his work through painting as well as other channels including video, photography and mixed media

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Ricky Lee Gordon AKA Freddy Sam


Freddy Sam

Ricky is a self-taught artist born in Johannesburg in 1984 and now working and living in Cape Town, South Africa. He is well known for his large-scale murals that can be seen in cities all over the world, from Cape Town to Istanbul and Kathmandu, he paints under the pseudonym Freddy Sam.

His artwork focuses on bringing to light relevant social issues, exploring the nature of man in present society, in history and in nature. His achievements in public art have made it on CNN, Mail & Guardian’s ‘200 young people in SA who make a difference’ and National Geographic’s list of ‘11 street art greats’ alongside the likes of Banksy and JR.

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Jack Fox

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Jack Fox

Jack Fox is a 17-year-old South African artist based in Cape Town.

Formerly known as Cashril Plus, Jack Fox has been drawing since early childhood and has been recognised for his comic book art, street art and music production.

He has produced murals and taken part in gallery projects in Paris, Berlin, Madagascar, New York, Switzerland, Malaga and Cape Town.

His propelling start to an early art career is evident of an emerging career.

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