Jack Fox has completed his Art in Action mural at 178 Voortrekker Road. We asked him how he felt about the project and his art in general:


1. How do you feel about street art in your current city/environment? (Do you like it? How does your work stand out from the rest?)

Street art in South Africa especially is on the pulse of creative youth culture because it is very small and the artists who do it come from a place of pure good intent, for the most part.
For me, the connection between South African music and its art is also what really brings to life a vibrant creative aesthetic. This makes me feel a deep connection to the people in the creative industry who are pushing for the new and the exciting next thing.

Street art, for me, is the closest thing that expresses the feeling of the collective creative consciousness in a physical way. It is shared and it is heart-warming.

I like to try to convey emotion through my work as I do it. I do this by feeling it as I create it in the hopes that what I am feeling and what I feel the essential message of the art is, will be reflected to those who see it.


2. Why should young up and coming artists get involved in community art projects such as the Art in Action? (Why are you involved?)

I think that it is vital for anyone pursuing any career on the fringe, such as art, to start as soon as they can, wherever they can. In addition to this it is important to put in as much effort as you can and, in this way, get to know and be known by the people in the scene. By starting early as an artist you can determine whether or not the career path/field of art is for you. It will also keep things fun and allow room for opportunity.
This project in particular is good to be involved with because it has a really positive message and allows you to communicate with people and have an impact. For me, it is important and special to be involved with projects like these.

3. What’s the coolest thing that has happened to you as a result of your art?

My favourite thing that has happened to me because of my art was painting on the Berlin Wall for a gallery. The pieces of wall were cut straight out of the wall and given to the artists to paint. The works are currently travelling around Europe.