(Q) How do you feel about street art in your current city? Do you like it? How does your work stand out from the rest?

(A) I’m not a master on what I do, but I’m very passionate about what I do and it makes me feel so happy.

Every time I paint/doing art work I put my all (100%). My work is influenced by a lot of people and a lot of genres in the world of art, I always leave a room for improvement whenever I meet with artists or every criticism(positive or negative) builds me as an artist.

Art is sharing or rather expressing what you feel inside you, I socialize so that helps me understand what people want or expect from us (ARTISTS).

(Q) Why should young up and coming artists get involved in community art projects such as the Art In Action. Why are you involved?

(A) To have the skill to draw or paint does not make you a complete artist, but to convey a message in your work and help other people by educating them about what you know makes you an artist. Young people have different issue or challenges from the other generations, so we as young artists share our views and thoughts so that the elders may help us through our struggles.

(Q) Do you think Art can be used as a method to prevent crime?

(A)Yes, Not all criminals have time to watch TV or listen to the radio or any social networks, but they walk outdoor so this kind of Art is giving them the knowledge that they are preventing themselves from getting.

(Q) What positive attributes would Street Art bring to the Parow Station Arcade?

(A) There are lots of different people there and most of them are not South Africans, for other people to be around different races makes the fear of what they think of others, the phobia they have creates a wall and separates them. If we keep on doing these projects then we can make a better community

(Q) What’s the coolest thing that has happened to you as a result of your art?

(A) People appreciate whatever I do on their walls, they don’t just see paint but they learn and understand what message is there. Now I’m being seen as a voice because people believe ART has the power to speak to the people. I used to think Indoor art is the best but I discovered that it is just for beauty, Outdoor art is for the world.

(Q) What would you consider being good Street Art?

(A) Murals are good street art, because it’s not about bright colors or good precision of using a brush but to share what others do not know..!

(Q)Do you see art as an emotional outlet and what does it mean to be able to express yourself on a blank canvas?

(A) I was once told that if you’re an Artist, “You do everything out of anything”. If you’re an artist you are like a company looking for a place to put a billboard. Where ever you are you find a canvas, it’s just what you want to put in it or how you want to put it!