The GTP and See Saw Do worked together with the local community to create a mural that adds colour and warmth to the Tygerberg Association of Street People (TASP).

It’s winter in South Africa, which means it’s cold, grey and dull. This time of the year is certainly the most difficult one for the people who live on our streets. We decided to do something small to help brighten the lives of the people who live and work in this part of Bellville.

Monique Muller from the GTP explains: “To combat urban decay in the Bellville Precinct, the Greater Tygerberg Partnership intends to install various displays that beautify the urban landscape. We asked a designer to draw the outlines of the artwork on the wall and then the community and members of TASP to continue the ‘colouring-in’ of the space. This is called a paint-by-numbers concept.”

We collaborated with See Saw Do, a wonderful design and events company that works with communities to create positive environments. They prepared the paint-by-numbers mural for TASP’s boundary wall and together we encouraged the local community to spend a bit of time painting with us and improving their environment.


The concept: reuniting families and friends

The core focus at the TASP is to encourage people to rebuild relationships and reunite with their families. We decided to use this as a concept for the mural.

The aim was to depict a close group of people standing together and supporting each other within our city.

“We believe that this type of community-based project is a great platform for encouraging diverse people to come together and collaborate. Being creative and painting a story is a great way to start a conversation and get people talking,” says Monique.

We love it! What do you think?

It’s amazing what a splash of colour and some out-of-the-box thinking can do when we consider the spaces we live in.

Monique sums it up perfectly: “Art can be used to build communities when it is inclusive, accessible and invites the community to become a part of the process. Using art to build a better sense of community in this way may even bring us one step closer to crime prevention.”

You can learn more about and support the valuable work being done at TASP by contacting them on 021 948 5399 or email