About 7535 in:disposable

opening page (8)opening page (11)7535 in:disposable is a community photo exhibition designed to curate and celebrate the amalgamation of cultures and lifestyles at play within the Bellville region.

Featuring 12 locals, each person captures their daily practices through a disposable camera. The method is disposable, the underlying stories in our spaces, are most certainly not.


opening page (6)opening page (7)The in:disposable process began with an interactive workshop deconstructing what culture meant to each individual. The difference in cultural content was vast, but how culture was formed was common ground. Culture is lifestyle. And what makes up lifestyle? The spaces and faces around us.

Participants were each given a 27 exposure disposable camera – and a brief to photograph their lives.

opening page (10)opening page (9)The outcome of this creative venture reveals places and people which have become so interwoven into Bellville culture that they are mere second nature. However, the pause for reflections brings these elements quickly to life: reminding us that they are the very things which make Bellville, Bellville, and the home that it is to so many.

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