If you haven’t already heard by now, the GTP hosted its first ever community photo exhibition at the end of March. Featuring 12 locals, each person captured their daily practices through a disposable camera. The outcome of this creative venture is what was exhibited at the local ArtB gallery– a location that is itself a cultural icon for Bellville.

The launch evening of 7535 drew in crowds from near and far; all trickling in out of curiosity to see what Bellville is about and to join in on celebrating our area.
During the week-long exhibition renowned Instagrammer, Samantha Reinders, hosted an Instagram workshop and Insta-walk. These creatives strolled around Bellville for an afternoon and extracted aesthetic beauty in the CY. What they captured is not to be missed; check out our Instagram (@gtp_the) or search #gtp to have a look at what was captured.
7535 was a highlight for our community and many people have requested that the exhibition be extended and the photographs made for sale. We have granted this request and will be exhibiting 7535 in:disposable at two more locations before selling the prints. Stay tuned to our social media for the details!
The GTP loves Bellville, and emphatically believes that the time has come to celebrate those who love and live in it too.