The Greater Tygerberg Partnership is a catalytic champion for the Greater Tygerberg Region. We are working towards the revitalisation of the Voortrekker Road Corridor and the Bellville CBD for the benefit and enjoyment of all our citizens.

The community of entrepreneurs active in the cuisine sectors in Bellville represent a cosmopolitan mix from across the world with a majority of foreign-born entrepreneurs being from East and North Africa as well as parts of Asia and Europe; and of course there exists our local heritage flavours! The rise in ethnic restaurants and informal traders has made the eastern side of the VRC an area which promotes itself as an exotic food destination. Bellville CBD is a vibrant precinct which offers an afripolitan atmosphere – the opportunity to experience continents within quarters. This downtown area has its own distinct character of urbanism which thrives off a vibrant street-side lifestyle of restaurant hotspots.

Moreover, the CBD is fast becoming a hub of Ethiopian coffee culture and the growing international coffee reputation of Cape Town needs to venture North – another reason that it’s time to put Bellville on the map.

So, the GTP is launching a two-prong initiative in one go: ‘Know Your Bellville’ on the ‘12 Mile Tour. You want to venture into Bellville but don’t know where to start? Grab one of our Know Your Bellville maps in the CBD (also freely downloadable here.) and get to know your streets again. Bellville belongs to its people, and so its people need to know what it offers, and where. Use this map to locate any cultural and entertainment related place in the area.

If the map wasn’t enough to guide you through the streets, we’ve taken it a step further and developed a route for you to follow. It’s dubbed ‘The 12 Mile Tour’. Stop at one, many or every stop – each is unique and will give you an experience to write home about. On the 3rd of June, Bellville saw the launch of this map and this route with foodies and lifestyles bloggers alike, all trickling in to the CY so to taste, and see why! Be sure to follow the hashtags #KnowYourBellville and #TasteandCY to see what they got up to!

What do you do in Bellville? Let us know! Tag @gtp_the and use the hashtags #KnowYourBellville #TasteandCY