The community of entrepreneurs active in the cuisine sectors in Bellville represent a cosmopolitan mix from across the world with a majority of foreign-born entrepreneurs being from East and North Africa as well as parts of Asia and Europe; and of course there exists our local heritage flavours. The rise in ethnic restaurants and informal traders has made the eastern side of the VRC an area which promotes itself as an exotic food destination. Bellville CBD is a vibrant precinct which offers an afripolitan atmosphere – the opportunity to experience continents within quarters. This downtown area has its own distinct character of urbanism which thrives off a vibrant street-side lifestyle of restaurant hotspots.

12 Mile Tour is Bellville’s first ever ‘food walk’ through the CBD (with a taxi route through the ‘burbs too!). Led by a guide, with a goodie bag in hand, we take you on a strategic route through the CBD and show you all Bellville’s afripolitan cuisine has to offer.

12 Mile Tour is a great means for any person to engage with the Bellville CBD in an exciting, adventurous and safe manner – but 12 Mile Tour is an even more ideal team-building activity for your business or organisation. Through only 2 and a half hours, 12 Mile Tour strikes the perfect balance between pushing your boundaries (geographically, culturally and sensory) and letting you revel in fun. Through seeing new spaces, or merely old spaces packaged in new ways, your perceptions will be challenged. And of course, is there a better way to bond than over food? #TasteandCY

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