A thriving metropolitan node and development corridor requires a connected, vibrant environment that is a welcome home to small, independently-owned businesses, large corporate companies, small-scale informal traders as well as national retailers.
Our aim is to:

  • facilitate business opportunities for new or established, sustainable and profitable organisations in the
  • support the retention and expansion of existing businesses that have operated in the area over a longer period of time; and
  • foster job-creating economic development that is inclusive and drives innovation.

To achieve our aims, GTP has initiated four focus areas:

Central Bellville Economic Node

We understand the economic sectors that are strongest in the area, how they relate to other economic nodes, and how they fit into the larger value chains within the region’s economy.

GTP mapped and developed multi-level, 3D models of the commercial activity in the Bellville CBD and began to identify economic trends and opportunities for sectoral clusters and expansion.

Business Retention and Expansion

In partnership with the City of Cape Town, the GTP launched a community-led Business Retention and Expansion programme with the owners of local businesses.

A local task-team was established and over seventy surveys addressing the most important issues affecting the business communities were conducted.

Health Innovation

GTP established an inclusive and collaborative Health Innovation Forum that brings together health practitioners, policy-makers, academics and entrepreneurs to identify and develop products and systems that improve healthcare in an innovative way.

To achieve this, targeted one-on-one engagements culminated in a Health Innovation Workshop with over forty private and public healthcare professionals. We also hosted a Health Innovation business breakfast attended by over ninety interested parties.

Tygerberg Integrated Medical Portal

We aim to bring together various cross-sectoral partners in the health sector to explore the potential of a virtual medical portal to serve the private and public sector and, most importantly, the community.

To date, there is buy-in from important role-players in the establishment of the portal. GTP gave a presentation to the Public Private Health Forum in February 2015.